[EN] Avoiding the Root Canal Treatment

avoid Root canal treatmentWhy avoiding the Root Canal Treatment ?

Keeping your teeth alive when it's possible is the best way of managing your heath capital. An alive teeth could protect itself from agression and stressfull situation. It will also early communicate to the body trough the pain when something wrong is happening. To finish with, the litterature shows that about the half of the devitalized tooth are extracted during the life of the patient. This is not a acceptable care for us that's why we worked on a new treatment protocol to give the maximum chances to save the pulp of the teeth.

whn avoiding root canal treatmentWhen avoiding the Root Canal Treatment ?

The rule is simple : when your teeth still feeling sensations like cold are warm, it's alive so we engage the conservative protocole first. Sometimes, despite our engagement the teeth don't support the regenerative treatment so we must then realize the devitalition. That said, it's always time to do the root treatment canal after trying to keep the health capital. 

how avoiding root canal treatmentHow avoiding the Root Canal Treatment ?

We use daily the biodentine cement which is a recent bioactive biomaterial. It change tottaly my way to work for my patients. With this product and our protocol we give chances to keep it alive ! First we check if the teeth is really still alive. Then we put the biodentine on the teeth. After 2 month healing we check one more time if it's correctly alive. If all is okay we build up the missing part of the teeth with a full ceramics prothesis.

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